Here's what our clients say about us!

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Rhiannon Novakovic

“I started training with Charlie in February 2020 just before lock down in a bid to reignite my passion for training which I lost 3 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. Knowing I needed to start somewhere but not having the confidence to, I got in touch with O’Neill Fitness and haven’t looked back. What I achieved with Charlie’s help has been amazing, even in a global pandemic my overall strength and fitness has improved vastly in such a short space of time. His expert knowledge has helped me understand where my weaknesses are since having a baby and how to improve them – I no longer have lower back/hip pain! His sessions are challenging but fun (especially the banging playlists) and he is always happy to give advice if and when I need it - I finally feel as though I have the old me back.”

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Hiren Patel

“I have been training with charlie for 1 year now and he is yet to grasp the basic functions of a stopwatch. mostly the operation of the start stop function. This aside Charlie is awesome. No1 PT!”

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Roy Dungworth

“Josh has helped reshape and restructure my lifestyle. The first consultation was maybe one of the most intimidating situations I’d built up in my mind but Josh was understanding, sensitive and he gave me a huge amount of reassurance. We’ve been working together for 9 months and I’ve lost 3.5 stone, increased mobility and core strength and I truly feel like a new man. It’s bloody tough at times, but Josh is always supportive and mindful. He’s become an important intervention in my life and I’d recommend him to anyone. Whether it’s weight loss, strength, cardio or just to do a workout with a top guy. I’ve a long way to go, but step by step we’re walking it together.”

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Elizabeth Stiles

“The reason I started working with josh is because it was so close to my home but that’s not the reason I’ve stayed working with him. He’s so kind and encouraging with the work I’m doing, I therefore genuinely enjoy working out there which I’ve not felt in a long time. I work from home so struggle to motivate myself to go to the gym aswell. It’s amazing, I just turn up without thinking about what I need to prepare or my progress as he creates unique workouts every week so I never get bored and tracks everything really meticulously on his computer- couldn’t recommend him more! If you’re thinking of getting a trainer then let this be the sign that you need to book in!”

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Nic Devereaux

“I have been seeing Josh since November last year & its been just AMAZING.
I am fitter, stronger, have more energy than ever before and an added bonus is how I look too (wifey loves my new tight glutes!) and the general definition I have achieved is great too - arms, legs, shoulders & chest all noticeably more toned.
Having been a member of my local gym before the difference of having a Personal Trainer / the one-on-one service is incomparable.
The focus in the 45 minute sessions is just so intense (in a good way!). Josh will watch every movement and muscle you're working and is constantly helping to make small tweaks to ensure the exercise is done as efficiently as possible, whilst making sure it's safe and of maximum benefit to achieve the end result (we've all seen the guys and girls in the gym waving arms and legs around on the machines - either not really working their bodies effectively, or worse still potentially doing themselves damage).
The studio is immaculately clean (def OCD 😉), it's well equipped with a variety of equipment. Just take it easy on the assault bike!
To top it all off too, Josh is super likeable & charming, clearly loves what he does and will give you 100%.
Go see him for a free consult, you wont regret it.
We're nothing without our health......”